Why I like go lang

I was asked once by https://github.com/jjperezaguinaga:

I am of the impression that you have a strong love fan for Go.
What's so cool about it? I'm kind of curious.

So here are my anwsers:

  • easy to learn: http://tour.golang.org took me about 15 hours to complete (with browsing documentation)

  • language is easy and minimalistic

  • awesome standard library

  • awesome community

  • easy and awesome concurrency model

  • suitable for system task

  • kind of C replacement

  • language for solving interesting problems* easier than never before

  • xml and json as native type

  • everything you would do in C you can do in Go without language overhead (no more leaking memory, pointers headaches, header files)

*interesting problems for me are:

  • http tools (proxies, traffic catchers etc)

  • ssh tunnels

  • network solution

  • managing cloud (deploying, scheduling, etc)

  • alghoritms

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